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by ticketprinting on June 5, 2013

National UK Charity Crisis Hosts Great Getaway Spring Raffle

Crisis is a notable charitable organisation that strives to eliminate homelessness through offering life-changing services and for single homeless people. They also actively campaign for positive social change. Crisis attempts to put a stop to homelessness by transforming lives and helping to prevent people from becoming homeless in the first place.

In addition to other unique fundraising initiatives, Crisis has recently announced the beginning of their Great Getaway Spring Raffle 2013.

This is just one way that the honourable charity has utilized some keen fundraising skills when it comes to encouraging much-needed donations.

Key Elements of a Successful Raffle

In order to host a successful raffle, there are a number of key elements that should be taken into consideration. Of course, it’s important to advertise your raffle in as many different ways as you can, for example, online, in print, and over the radio.

But what of selling raffle tickets? If you don’t have pocketfuls of dedicated volunteers (and even if you do), it’s important to have an easy-to-access, user-friendly website where people can purchase tickets quickly and with little effort.

One of the most crucial indicators of a raffle’s anticipated success will often lie with the prizes.

Crisis’s Great Getaway Spring Raffle offers a grand prize of either a trip to Thailand, or, a lump sum of 7,500 pounds, pleasing potential donors by offering them the option to take a much-needed vacation, or pay off a few bills, courtesy of Crisis.

Fabulous Fundraising

To get the jump on high raffle ticket sales, Crisis sent out packs of raffle tickets to their previous donors, giving them the choice to buy raffle tickets on their own or sell them to their friends and neighbours in the community.

But, the Great Getaway Spring Raffle isn’t the only way Crisis is raising money in 2013. Crisis Skylight Newcastle held three distinct fundraising events that significantly contributed to their goal of raising money to help the homeless in that region.

The director of Crisis Skylight Newcastle, June Grimes, said of the events, “The money raised at these fantastic events will help us to continue our vital work at Crisis Skylight Newcastle, and I would like to thank everyone involved for taking part, digging deep and raising such an impressive figure.”

Whether you have plans to host a raffle for your own charity, or you’re more interested in other types of fundraising, take a tip from Crisis and never stop striving for success.


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