Tips for New Fundraisers

by ticketprinting on March 10, 2014

Have you recently been hired to raise money for an organisation? Chances are, everyone will want a little bit of your time. Here are some ways to get yourself settled into your new work in fundraising.

Spend Time with Every Department – Having a strong understanding of what your organisation does, both in the big picture and on the day-to-day level, will help you with fundraising feel confident in your new work. Spend time with both the management who run the departments and the programme staff who carry out the mission. Understanding this work can help you describe the organisation to potential donors and craft better appeals.

Listen – In fundraising, everyone has ideas. Be confident with your instincts, but listen to the ideas of your colleagues. Taking the time to listen can build trust and respect in an organisation.

Get to Know Your Donors – You’ll want to set up meetings with the people who give their hard-earned money to your programmes. You’ll also want to raise funds right away. Combine the two with some events! Specific events geared as fundraisers might prevent some supporters from attending, especially if they’ve given this year and they don’t have a lot extra. Plan some friendraising events that aren’t heavy on the “ask.” Make it fun, share news about your programmes, and meet your donor base. If you’re intent on raising some extra cash, include a fun raffle to earn a little extra funds. That way, supporters won’t feel pressured, but they’ll have an opportunity to give that they wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Get to Know Your Community – Your organisation isn’t the only one doing great work in your community! Taking the time to get to know your community will help you out when you need it. Talk to other charitable organisations and businesses so when the need to partner up on a programme comes about, you know who to call!

Do Your Research – If you’re approaching foundations for grant funding, look at what programmes they’ve funded over the past three years. Do events raise a lot of money in your community? What works and what doesn’t? Knowing where your organisation has been can help you plan their fundraising future.

It’s a lot of work to take on a new fundraising job, but building connections, listening to ideas, and doing the research are all key in creating a successful and rewarding future.


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