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by ticketprinting on September 5, 2013

The Worcestershire Wildlife Trust Raises Money for Conservation with Raffles

The Worcestershire Wildlife Trust is a charitable organisation that works hard to protect local wildlife in the area. The charity aims to help restore wild places and conserve a part of the UK that’s rich in wildlife. Their vision is such that they believe everyone can enjoy and appreciate wildlife, as well as help restore and protect it so future generations may enjoy it as well.

With over 75 nature reserves in the county, the Wildlife Trust works to help protect endangered species, campaign against developments that damage habitats, motivate the community to get involved, and inspire everyone to experience the bounty that is wild nature.

As conservation is the number one priority, you may wonder how the Trust keeps up with their bills. They do it in two ways: with donations from generous sponsors and by raising money with raffles.

Plenty of Prizes

Not everyone can plan a successful raffle. It takes hard work, strategising and shameless promotion, and that’s just for starters. The Worcestershire Wildlife Trust is one example of a charitable organisation that has gotten it right when it comes to raffle-planning and execution.

First things first: they had a number of incredible prizes that anyone who bought a raffle ticket could win.

Ticket buyers had a chance to win 500 pounds cash, a three-course meal for two at Brockencote Hall Hotel, a family ticket for the West Midlands Safari Park, dinner for two at Puccini’s Restaurant in Worcester, a round of golf for two at Wharton Park Golf and Country Club, and many other prizes.

How did they come by all these unique prizes, you ask? A number of local businesses generously donated them in order to help support the Wildlife Trust as a whole.

Where Does the Money Go?  

According to one of the Trust’s fundraising assistants, “Last year’s raffle raised more than 5000 pounds, which was absolutely fantastic and really made a difference for wildlife and people across Worcestershire. The money helps us restore meadows, introduce some 4000 children to the fabulous world of wildlife, and work with land managers to improve habitats on their own land.”

Not only was this raffle a great way to raise money for the cause the Trust believes in, it was also a way to get the word out about what they do and inform people in the community how they can help.

At the end of the day, that’s what charitable work is all about.



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