Creating Memorable Tickets

by ticketprinting on May 28, 2014

How do you want your guests to remember your event?

Do you want them to remember how much fun they had? How meaningful the cause is? Should they be looking forward to it next year? Should they tell all their friends about it?

Of course. And a big part of all of this lies in the ticket itself. Don’t look at the ticket as a necessity for your event planning. Look at it as a memento for the guest and an opportunity to build a relationship.

Many of us keep our old tickets and we’re reminded of the event when we come across them. So how do we make the most out of this small piece of card stock?

Choose Vibrant Wording. Action verbs stick with us. Dance, donate, appreciate, laugh, love, give … these are all strong words that remind the guest about the event and the cause.

Consider Colour. What colours do you associate with your cause? Is it a springtime event? Winter? Do you want your guests to feel a sense of peace? Action? Triumph? Try out different colours with small groups to see how they feel and react after seeing them.

Tell a Story. While they may attend your event one time, you want them to become consistent donors. When they find that ticket again, see to it that they look into your organisation again. Can you upload a custom image or logo? Did you include your website? Can one of our many templates tell your organisation’s story?

Of course you want to raise money during your event, but remember that tickets often last beyond the event. Keep these ideas in mind as you prepare for your next fundraiser.

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