Changing Lives with a World Food Day Raffle

by ticketprinting on October 5, 2013

CAFOD’s World Food Day Raffle 2013

The official Catholic aid agency for England and Wales, CAFOD works with partners the world over in areas that have the greatest need to help bring compassion and unity to struggling communities. They stand side by side with poor communities to help end destitution and corruption. Though they are a Catholic organisation, CAFOD helps people of all denominations, including non-religious groups.

To raise money for the assistance of poor and struggling families, CAFOD is hosting a World Food Day Raffle. Those who support CAFOD and buy a raffle ticket will have the chance to win one of 48 incredible prizes.

There are many examples of how CAFOD can turn the donation you provide through buying a raffle ticket into help for underprivileged families. Here, we will touch on at least one example of the good work that CAFOD does.

A Personal Story

A woman in Ethiopia knows first-hand the difference your donation can make. Before the help of CAFOD (help provided through your generous donations), Belaynesh used to scrape by through the sale of firewood, however, her children would often go to bed hungry.

Through the generous support of CAFOD, she was able to buy a flock of chickens that she uses for both the sale of eggs and food to eat. Belaynesh is now saving up to for a new tin roof for her home that will allow her to collect rainwater, which will help her grow vegetables.

That’s just one story of how buying a raffle ticket for the CAFOD World Food Day Raffle can help struggling families.

The deadline for the purchasing a ticket is 9 October, so don’t wait! The draw takes place on 16 October, and first prize is 4,000 pounds, cash!

What is World Food Day?

Named by the UN General Assembly, World Food Day aims to strengthen public awareness about food issues that the world is facing, and it also strives to increase unity in the fight against hunger, malnutrition and world-wide poverty.

The theme this year is “Sustainable Food Systems for Food Security and Nutrition.”

We all, as individuals, have the power to help change our food systems. World Food Day calls on us to help make our world more sustainable by consuming nutritious food and reducing waste.

Let World Food Day feed your own raffle ideas! Plan an event that’s all about helping change our food issues for the better, locally, nationally, and globally.


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