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Rugby Football League Provides Fundraising Opportunity with Raffle

Seldom is there a better way to empower your community to raise funds for a great cause than organising a community raffle for clubs and schools to participate in, and that’s just what the Rugby Football League (RFL) of England and Wales has done this season. The 6th annual Community Game Raffle now has tickets for sale, and the raffle is boasting a rather fabulous grand prize up for grabs.

One of the best things about this community raffle is that the local clubs and schools who participate in it will end up earning 70 pounds from every 1 pound ticket they sell. The other 30 pounds that doesn’t go to the clubs or schools will go to the Rugby League Cares charity.

Not only do schools and clubs earn money for every ticket they sell, individual sellers will also be eligible to win prizes for selling the most tickets.

How to Get Involved

To get involved in the 2013 Community Game Raffle, all you need to do is fill out a Ticket Request Form and send it to the email address provided on the page. You need not worry about printing any of your own tickets or promotional materials, because the RFL conveniently takes care of all that on their own.

The RFL provides those interested in participating in the raffle with their own tickets and posters, free of charge. Schools and clubs are instructed to sell tickets at 1 pound each, and the deadline for returning sold ticket stubs is 5 November 2013.

The stubs of any tickets sold will then go into the draw, which will be held on 26 November 2013.

Top Raffle Tips

One of the most challenging aspects of running a raffle is selling tickets. The RFL provides some excellent tips on how to sell more raffle tickets, with the consensus being that the key to selling more tickets requires:

  • Organisation
  • Incentives
  • Preparation
  • Word of Mouth
  • Customer Service

But running a raffle isn’t ALL about just selling tickets. Often, there’s a lot of effort that goes into planning a raffle, effort that must be put in long before the ticket selling takes place.

Check out our blog that’s fully dedicated to helping you host a more successful raffle. And, while you’re at it, see if you wouldn’t benefit from some low cost, high quality raffle tickets for your next charitable fundraising endeavor.


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The Key to Raising Money with a Legal Raffle

by ticketprinting on July 8, 2013

How to Keep Your Raffle on the Right Side of the Law

Cancer Research UK (CRUK) is the world’s leading charitable organisation dedicated to saving lives through cancer research. This charity receives all of their funding from the public, and thus, they rely completely on donations from everyday people like you and me to keep their cause moving forward. Cancer Research UK’s researchers and supporters work vigilantly to fight over 200 different kinds of cancer.

As a charity that receives no private funding, CRUK must take it upon themselves to find unique ways to raise money that will help further their cause and research. For that reason, they’re hosting a 2013 Summer Raffle, the proceeds from which will go to helping cure many different types of cancer.

Keep in mind, hosting a raffle isn’t always easy. The laws regarding raffles in the UK can be complex, and most local gaming councils have their own, specific rules when it comes to running a raffle. Here, we’ll show you how CRUK manages to stay on the right side of the raffle law.

How to Lay it All Out

One of the best ways to promote a raffle is to put some fabulous prizes up for grabs and get the word out about them as best you can. Of course, if you have a website, the first place you’ll want to promote your raffle is there, online. That way, anyone who visits your website will automatically see the enticing raffle prizes, and be encouraged to by a raffle ticket (or two!).

But before you even get to the promotions, you’ve got to take care to organise your raffle strategically and make sure you keep it legal.

In addition to checking with your local gaming council on their particular rules on raffles, it’s best to be clear about the rules of your raffle with your ticket buyers.

Tying it All Together

An easy way to be clear about your raffle rules is to list all the terms and conditions for your raffle up front, right on your website.

It’s a good idea to get all the rules for your raffle settled before you have your raffle tickets printed. That way, you can include any pertinent information on the raffle tickets as well as your website.

To save money on expenses, find a top-quality ticket printer that offers great deals on prices.

Saving money on expenses means you can use that much more to further your own charitable cause.


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Funding a Crisis

by ticketprinting on June 5, 2013

National UK Charity Crisis Hosts Great Getaway Spring Raffle

Crisis is a notable charitable organisation that strives to eliminate homelessness through offering life-changing services and for single homeless people. They also actively campaign for positive social change. Crisis attempts to put a stop to homelessness by transforming lives and helping to prevent people from becoming homeless in the first place.

In addition to other unique fundraising initiatives, Crisis has recently announced the beginning of their Great Getaway Spring Raffle 2013.

This is just one way that the honourable charity has utilized some keen fundraising skills when it comes to encouraging much-needed donations.

Key Elements of a Successful Raffle

In order to host a successful raffle, there are a number of key elements that should be taken into consideration. Of course, it’s important to advertise your raffle in as many different ways as you can, for example, online, in print, and over the radio.

But what of selling raffle tickets? If you don’t have pocketfuls of dedicated volunteers (and even if you do), it’s important to have an easy-to-access, user-friendly website where people can purchase tickets quickly and with little effort.

One of the most crucial indicators of a raffle’s anticipated success will often lie with the prizes.

Crisis’s Great Getaway Spring Raffle offers a grand prize of either a trip to Thailand, or, a lump sum of 7,500 pounds, pleasing potential donors by offering them the option to take a much-needed vacation, or pay off a few bills, courtesy of Crisis.

Fabulous Fundraising

To get the jump on high raffle ticket sales, Crisis sent out packs of raffle tickets to their previous donors, giving them the choice to buy raffle tickets on their own or sell them to their friends and neighbours in the community.

But, the Great Getaway Spring Raffle isn’t the only way Crisis is raising money in 2013. Crisis Skylight Newcastle held three distinct fundraising events that significantly contributed to their goal of raising money to help the homeless in that region.

The director of Crisis Skylight Newcastle, June Grimes, said of the events, “The money raised at these fantastic events will help us to continue our vital work at Crisis Skylight Newcastle, and I would like to thank everyone involved for taking part, digging deep and raising such an impressive figure.”

Whether you have plans to host a raffle for your own charity, or you’re more interested in other types of fundraising, take a tip from Crisis and never stop striving for success.


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The How to Guide for a Great Summer Raffle

by ticketprinting on May 7, 2013

Guide Dogs Organisation Hosts Exciting Summer Raffle in 2013

Blind and partially-sighted people often require guide dogs to help them get around more easily. Guide Dogs is a charitable organisation in the UK that’s dedicated to helping people with limited sight achieve a greater state of mobility, and assist them with getting out of their homes and engaging with their communities.

With over 4,700 guide dog owners in the UK currently, blind and partially-sighted people have been able to gain access to mobility and freedom in ways that they may not have been able to without their guide dogs.

As the Guide Dogs organisation receives absolutely no government funding, they rely on the support of charitable donations in order to continue to serve the blind and partially-sighted community.

Guide Dogs Summer Raffle 2013

Without the support of their generous donors, Guide Dogs wouldn’t be able follow through with their life-changing work. For the purpose of fundraising and making it both fun and exciting to donate to their noble cause, the organisation is currently selling tickets for their sweet summer raffle.

Raffle tickets are only 1 pound each, which is very reasonable price to pay for the chance to win some fabulous prizes. The grand prize is a brand new car, or you can choose to take 7,000 pounds cash instead.

Second prize is 1,500 pounds cash, and third is 600. Runners-up will receive 20 gourmet food hampers. If these aren’t incredible prizes worth spend 1 pound for a chance to win, our eyes must be deceiving us!

How to Do It Yourself

Having exciting and valuable prizes is a great way to inspire people to donate to your cause, and selling raffle tickets at a reasonable price helps to open the fundraising gates to a larger portion of the population.

In addition, it’s a great idea to have an easy-to-use website with all the necessary information online for people to peruse at their leisure. And remember to give your donors an address and phone number where they can contact you to learn more about the raffle or your services.

Like the Guide Dogs organisation, give your raffle ticket buyers the option to purchase tickets online, list the rules of the raffle in a convenient spot where people can easily find them, and tell your donors exactly where the money they spend will go.

For Guide Dogs, each entry into the Summer Raffle will go toward the breeding and training of loyal guide dogs, which is an undeniably great cause.

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How Age UK Sells Lottery & Raffle Tickets with a Modern Twist

One of the best ways to sell raffle tickets or lottery tickets in today’s day and age is to use a website. In fact, if you’re part of a charitable organisation looking to raise funds for a good cause, you really need to have a website for a number of reasons. Having a website will help you promote your cause, explain what kind of organisation you are, and build up your presence in the online community.

Additionally, having a website and giving users the option to donate online is a great way to encourage quick and easy donations. And, let’s be honest, you want to encourage donations as often as possible and from as many people as you possibly can.

A charitable organisation’s website, in many ways, can and should be their very best friend.

The Best Way to Sell Lottery & Raffle Tickets

Age UK is a charitable company that formed from the partnership between Age Concern and Help the Aged in order to help those in their later years. Their goal is to improve overall life for those in need by offering helpful services, information, advice, training, research and products.

They envision a world where older people thrive and enjoy equality with regard to rights and citizenship, opportunities and benefits.

Running not just one, but three raffles per year, Age UK encourages donors to help their cause (and also have a little fun) by selling raffle tickets. In addition, Age UK makes it simple as can be to launch your own fundraiser on their behalf and sell raffle tickets to help them raise money.

As if that weren’t enough, Age UK also has a weekly lottery that gives donors the chance to win £2,000 every week or £25,000 every quarter.

Why Web Design Matters

Not only does Age UK explain exactly “how your support helps” on their raffle ticket page, they include quotes from winners of their three yearly raffles, the amazing prizes they’ve won, and all the terms and conditions, neatly laid out on one smartly-designed web page.

The lottery page is also impressive, and with only a mouse-click and a small donation of £1, you can play the lottery for the chance to win a cash prize. Again, all the rules are laid out nicely so you don’t have to poke around for information.

When it comes to designing a website for your charitable organisation, keep your donors in mind.

Make it easy for them to donate, in multi-faceted and interesting ways, and make it user-friendly. Your well-promoted brand name and fabulous reputation will certainly thank you.


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How Two School Children Raised Funds for CAFOD with Raffle Tickets

CAFOD stands for the Catholic Agency For Overseas Deployment, and they are the official Catholic aid agency in England and Wales. Through their work with partners the world over, the organisation strives to bring hope, compassion, and solidarity to the areas in greatest need. They stand beside poor communities and work to end poverty and injustice, regardless of the communities’ faith.

The main goals of this honourable organisation are to help underprivileged people and to work toward establishing a safer, more sustainable, and more peaceful world.

With wonderful intentions and big hearts, two students from St. Edmund’s Catholic Primary School in Whitton have taken fundraising into their own hands by organising a raffle to help the CAFOD.

Fundraising For People in Need

After they heard inspiring stories about CAFOD and their partners, Maggy (10) and Maya (9), decided to put together their very own raffle to help raise funds for the charitable organisation. The young girls sold raffle tickets to their schoolmates and their teachers at 20 pence each.

With six different prizes up for grabs, and the fact that the raffle tickets were sold at such a reasonable price, the girls managed to raise £20 to help people in need.

While £20 might not seem like much to some, Susan Steyn of the CAFOD fundraising team pointed out, “It really does make a huge difference: £20 is enough to buy soap, buckets and water purification tablets for 4 families in Zimbabwe – vital supplies that can improve their health and change their lives hugely.”

A Raffle Where Everyone Wins

CAFOD Westminster diocesan officer Joe Stricklin-Coutinho was delighted with the fact that Maggy and Maya used their raffle idea to help raise money for people in need. When commenting on their charitable feat, he said, “What a fun and inspirational way to make a difference! This was a raffle where everyone won in the end.”

These two little girls with big hearts are great evidence that anyone who wants to make a difference can do so. With a little determination, you can get involved and really lend a helpful hand to whatever cause you wish to support.

Find quality raffle tickets that are reasonably priced, or if you feel like, make your very own raffle tickets.

Locating a low cost raffle ticket printer can save you valuable time in setting up your fundraiser, but ultimately, it’s up to you and your own inspiration to help those in need.


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Contact Your Local Gaming Council!

by ticketprinting on December 11, 2012

The Local Guide to Legal Raffles in the UK: Local Gaming Council Questions Explained

Several years ago, this blog ran an articled entitled “Letter of the Law,” which provided a general overview of UK Raffle Law, and went on to become the most popular page on the blog and among the top hits when one Googles “UK Raffle Law.” Years later, we still receive comments almost every week, asking for specific advice about legal raffles.

Your fabulous ticket girl (me) wishes to advise readers that a) I am not a solicitor, nor am I legally qualified to advise you on the finer points of the law and b) you should not be taking legal advice from strangers on the Internet in any case! In almost every case, I refer readers to their local gaming councils. For general information, you may wish to start with the Gambling Commission‘s homepage.

However, when it comes to planning a raffle in the UK, every city, borough, and district council has their own specific rules. Whether you’re looking to host a charity raffle, lottery, tombola, small society lottery, prize draw, or any other fundraising raffle, you’ll want to make sure you follow the rules of the local council that governs the area. In part, some of the confusion may stem from a difficulty in locating the proper information, as there does not seem to be a comprehensive list of local gaming council websites available.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a rather massive list of links to the lottery and raffle rules of local gaming councils to make it just a little bit easier for you and your charitable organisation to bring your fundraising dreams to fruition. This list may not be complete: please do notify me if you have information to be added.

Links to local gaming councils in the UK

Adur & Worthing Councils

Allerdale Borough Council

Arun District Council

Ashfield District Council

Aylesbury Vale District Council

Basildon Borough Council

Bedford Borough Council

Birmingham City Council

Boston Borough Council

Braintree District Council

Brentwood Borough Council

Brighton & Hove City Council

Bristol City Council

Bromsgrove District Council

Cannock Chase Council

Cardiff Council

Carlisle City Council

Carmarthenshire County Council

Castle Point Borough Council

Central Bedfordshire Council

Chelmsford City Council

Cherwell District Council North Oxfordshire

Cheshire East Council

Christchurch Council

City of York Council

Colchester Borough Council

Cornwall Council

Craven District Council

Dacorum District Council

Dover District Council

Dundee City Council

East Devon Council

East Dorset District Council

East Hampshire District Council

East Herts Council

East Lindsey District Council

East Northamptonshire Council

East Riding of Yorkshire Council

Elmbridge Borough Council

Epping Forest District Council

Epsom & Ewell Borough Council

Fenland District Council

Fife Council

Flintshire County Council

Guildford Borough Council

Harborough District Council

Haringey Council

Harlow Council

Hastings Borough Council

Havant Borough Council

Herefordshire Council

Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council

Horsham District Council

Hull City Council

Huntingdonshire District Council

Lambeth Council

Leeds City Council

Leicester City Council

Lewes District Council

London Borough of Barking & Dagenham

London Borough of Houslow

Luton Borough Council

Maidstone Borough Council

Maldon District Council

Manchester City Council

Medway Council

Melton Borough Council

Mid Sussex District Council

Milton Keynes Council

Mole Valley District Council

Monmouthshire County Council

New Forest District Council

Newark & Sherwood District Council

Newcastle City Council

North Dorset District Council

North Kesteven District Council

North Lincolnshire Council

North Norfolk District Council

North Somerset Council

Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action

Norwich City Council

Nottingham City Council

Oxford City Council

Plymouth City Council

Purbeck District Council

Redditch Borough Council

Reigate & Banstead Borough Council

Rochford District Council

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

Runnymede Borough Council

Scarborough Borough Council

Selby District Council

Sevenoaks District Council

Sheffield City Council

Shetland Islands Council

South Derbyshire District Council

South Gloucestershire Council

South Holland District Council

South Kesteven District Council

South Oxfordshire District Council

South Somerset District Council

Spelthorne Borough Council

St Albans City & District Council

St.Helens Council

Stroud District Council

Sunderland City Council

Surrey Heath Borough Council

Swindon Borough Council

Tamworth Borough Council

Tandridge District Council

Teignbridge District Council South Devon

Tendring District Council

Test Valley Borough Council

The Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames

Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council

Tower Hamlets Council

Uttlesford District Council

Vale of White Horse District Council

Waveney District Council

Waverly Borough Council

Wealden District Council

West Berkshire Council

West Dorset District Council

West Lindsey District Council

West Oxfordshire District Council

West Somerset Council

Weymouth & Portland Borough Council

Wiltshire Council

Winchester City Council

Woking Borough Council

Wychavon Council

Wycombe District Council



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The Story of the Missing Raffle Ticket

by ticketprinting on August 9, 2012

Informative Raffle Tickets with Detachable Stubs

Recently, a raffle was held at Elm Farm in West Berkshire, and one of the main prizes to be awarded was a fifty pound voucher. This voucher, generously donated from the holistic family health stall at the Hamstead Marshall and Enborne Community Market, was to be given to the person who could produce the coveted winning raffle ticket.

But when the prize-winner’s name was called that day, to everyone’s surprise, no one came forward.

Thus the story of the missing raffle ticket is told. The market staff is reportedly looking for the missing winner and along with her missing ticket, but so far, no has come forward yet to claim the prize. Apparently, the only phone number the staff had on file for the winner has been disconnected.

Detachable Stubs are Where It’s At

What an unfortunate mishap! Not only is the poor winner of this raffle missing out on her fabulous prize, but the excitement of the raffle must have taken quite the dive when no one came up to claim the prize that fateful day.

Don’t let this type of blunder happen at your raffle. Make sure you get ALL the important information from everyone who buys one of your raffle tickets.

Print raffle tickets with detachable stubs and room to include not only a name and phone number, but an address, an email address, and even a second phone number. If you design your own raffle tickets, you can choose to include whatever you like!

The Information Age

As soon as someone buys one of your unique raffle tickets, have them fill out the detachable stub with all their information. Or, if you want to get really fancy with it, have someone else fill out the detachable stub for them.

Not only is this a great way to ensure you get everyone’s complete information and not just pieces of the puzzle, it’s also a great way to impress your raffle ticket buyers.

People may be more likely to buy raffle tickets if you make it easier for them to do so by having a helpful volunteer fill out the tickets for them.

After you get all of the raffle ticket buyer’s information, detach the stub, keep it for your records (along with all the info on it) and give the rest of it back to them. It’s as simple as that!




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Sell More Raffle Tickets: 3 New Ideas

by ticketprinting on March 14, 2012

Tactics to Increase Raffle Sales

We’ve found that when you want to know how to do something right, you ought to ask those who have already done so! For the best advice on selling raffle tickets and making the most money from your prize draw, we turned to our raffle ticket customers, and they surely had some stunning ideas regarding what works.

1) Smarten up the kids. According to our educational, youth sport, and other child-related charity contacts, nothing sells raffle tickets like a group of pint-sized salespeople, and if you can present them dressed in their organisation’s uniforms, colors, or even matching T-shirts, they are even harder to resist. Even if your prize draw has nothing to do with children, adding an adorable tyke to the mix is known to increase your sales numbers.

2) Show off your assets. Another tried and true method of increasing ticket sales is to keep the prizes in public view. We’ve heard of a few successful ways of displaying the goods.

  • The Prize Table With the permission of a local merchant, or at a fair or other gathering, set up a table where you display the prizes. Potential donors who admire the HDTV in front of you are far more likely to purchase a ticket. Larger items, such as motorcycles or cars, parked in front of the table, are excellent draws as well.
  • Evocative Imagery Perhaps you are raffling off something that won’t fit on a table, such as a Caribbean vacation or a years’ worth of housekeeping services. A poster-sized image of a lovely beach or sparkling-clean dining room, perhaps mounted on a piece of foam board, can be created for a small fee. It becomes an image of a picture being worth far more than a thousand words.
  • Thumbnails For simplicity’s sake, you may simply choose to add the images of your top prizes directly to the ticket template. Many tickets offer free image uploads: spaces where you can add a small photograph of the telly, island, or other prize. If you are unable to set up a prize table or large images, this is an ideal solution.

3) Make It Mandatory Certain organisations, such as schools or churches, have found that requiring members to sell a certain number of tickets (or to purchase those tickets themselves if they can’t be bothered) guarantees that they always reach their sales goals. Enforced participation is a wonderful sales tactic, provided your members truly believe in your mission and wish to help you reach your quota.

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Eyes on the Prize

by ticketprinting on March 28, 2011

Educational Fundraising Success

Selling Raffle Tickets to support your local school is perhaps the simplest way to help earn more money for education. You need not organise food, drink, and entertainment, as you must for some charitable events, and no one need sort and delivery boxes of biscuits, candies, or other popular fundraising sales items. I might point out that such fundraisers also mean that a large percentage of your money goes to the organisation that sells the biscuits and candies to your school, whereas all prize draw profits stay at the academic institution.

The key to successful school prize draws is to motivate the salespeople: that is to say, your children. Small children may not be able to visualize the outcome of a successful draw. Perhaps they don’t understand why you need the money, or the long-term benefits they will receive. But they can certainly visualize winning a prize on their own.

You may choose to offer a large prize to the top salesperson, but an even better way to motivate them is to instead set up a second raffle for the kids, but they cannot buy tickets to this draw. Instead, they must earn those tickets. For instance, for every ten pounds of money they raise, they earn one ticket for a prize draw to win something they really want: such as an iPod or a new bicycle. Take a survey and determine what prize will best motivate them, and then watch them start selling!

Here’s a new tip for earning more money: the “fill in service.” If supporters buy a large amount of tickets, your students can fill in their names and contact information on the tickets for them. Make it a number worth your time: say, twenty-five pounds. You’ll be surprise how many people will buy more tickets to earn this free service!

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