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Raffle Ticket Templates

At the height of the season, summer can feel like an endless joyride, but it’s already time to start planning your end-of-summer celebration, and, if you fancy adding a little extra money to the operating budget, it’s time to start planning your end-of-summer prize draw. Finding a proper Raffle Ticket for the affair is all part of the fun.

Whether you’re planning your parish’s annual Summer Fair or scheduling a golf tournament, you can find the perfect Raffle Ticket to accompany your summer celebration. Create a themed prize draw to go along with your planned activities, or sell tickets for chances to win high interest prizes.

Even small prizes can generate great interest. If you are to sell Raffle Tickets to the sun-and-sand set down at the shore, you may be tempted to invest in big prizes such as Jet Skis or boats, but consider your audience. Perhaps they’d be more willing to purchase less expensive tickets for a chance to win items such as boogie boards or even plastic shovels and pails for their children. Similarly, your golf-themed event could generate a lot of interest if you are to award a complete set of new clubs, but if your cause is a good one, you may get almost the same mileage from a gift basket of new golf balls, tees, and perhaps a visor or novelty coffee mug.

Whatever you choose, do take advantage of summertime’s good vibrations. Find the holiday crowd and capitalise on their good mood and free spending ways and ensure your group’s financial solvency for another season!

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Have a Drink on Me

by ticketprinting on June 18, 2010

Did you know that you can use a small raffle to circumvent alcohol licensing laws throughout the United Kingdom? While both the sale of intoxicating libations and the sale of Raffle Tickets are heavily overseen throughout the country, when done correctly, you can combine these two delightful concepts into an event in which you make money through alcohol sales (in a roundabout way) and your guests get to put a few drinks in them, for a good cause.

Recall, of course, that you do not require government oversight for a small prize draw held in a confined location amongst a particular group of people: those who patronise a particular shop or pub on a certain day, or employees of a small business. You can sell Raffle Tickets to your particular group, at a particular time, in a particular venue, without going through the Gaming Commission. Do be sure to read up on the rules and ascertain whether your prize draw falls into the proper categories before you decide to forgo a visit to the Commission.

As you know, it is illegal to sell alcohol without a licence. It is not, however, illegal to offer alcohol as a prize in a contest! Therefore, you can earn money at a charity event by selling Raffle Tickets and offering drinks as prizes.

Some offer a single drink as a prize, which means you can offer many prizes and draw out the suspense. Or, you could help everyone get their drinks more quickly by using bottles as prizes. In theory, the winner would pour out draughts for each of their friends and the evening’s festivities can get underway with greater haste.

Consider your guests. Would they prefer an evening of drinking to another kind of entertainment? Whether they genuinely want to help your cause, or simply show up for a beer, selling alcohol Raffle Tickets can help turn your dry and dusty event into a rousing success!

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World Cup Raffle!

by ticketprinting on June 11, 2010

In Humberside some lucky raffle ticket holder went home with a World Cup match ball after attending the North Cave Flower Festival. What a prize! You may not have access to the match ball, but if you want to capitalise on football fever, it’s not too late to print up some raffle tickets and start selling them for your prize draw.

Besides match balls, consider other inexpensive prizes such as:

  • Team tee shirts
  • England Team fan books
  • A selection of flags
  • Team pennants

Then, print out a run of raffle tickets and start selling! Be sure to make the rounds of all the pubs and parties where your community are likely to watch the games. If possible, bring some of the prizes with you so people can see what they may win. Come prepared to discuss your cause, explaining where the money will go and how purchasing a raffle ticket will contribute to charity.

Be prepared to wait for a commercial to make your pitch!

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Serious about the Earth

by ticketprinting on April 24, 2010

If your supporters and customers are interested in environmental causes, natural beauty, or the great outdoors, capitalise on their predilections with a Raffle Ticket that celebrates the splendour of our world. The Nature Series offers you four stunning landscapes on customisable Raffle Tickets, which can be ordered alone, or with their matching Event Kits.

Choose a vibrant Green Leaves theme to summon up the lushness of the forest after a spring shower; the Ocean theme, illustrating with the calm blue of the open water on a clear day; a Desert Raffle Ticket in sere yellow, reminiscent of summer’s heat and the exotic landscapes of Arabia; or the stark, wintry beauty of the snowy high-altitude landscape of the Mountain Event Kit.

When selling Raffle Tickets is your goal, a proper image can give you the proper edge! Select these natural lovelies, or choose from over 500 different designs to speak directly to your consumer audience. Attractive images catch the eye and the heart, helping you make more money.

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What to Print…

by ticketprinting on April 2, 2010

…when you print Raffle Tickets

Now is not the time to be coy! UK gaming law requires you to spell it all out, and indeed, printing your own Raffle Tickets with intuitive Raffle Ticket templates makes it easy to get all that information right where it belong: on the body of your Raffle Ticket.

  • By Law you must include your registered charity number as well as the organisation under which you’ve received your licence to hold the prize draw. You must also include descriptions of the top three prizes, the cost of the Raffle Tickets, and the time and location of the actual draw. Of course you need to name your charity or organisation.
  • In addition you must number your Raffle Tickets individually and provide space on the ticket stub for your supporters to write their names, addresses, and phone numbers or email addresses. If your prize draw is to be help in conjunction with a larger event, or if it is an annual drawing, you should add the name of the event!

Now you’ve included all the information that potential supporters want, as well as everything the government needs. But you needn’t worry about remembering it at all! Just find the design you like online and the ticket template will guide you through, with suggestions as to where each piece of information should go, so you won’t miss a thing.

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What’s the Matter with Kids?

by ticketprinting on February 26, 2010

I’ve said it before: Kids make the best sales team.

If you’re selling Raffle Tickets, there’s nothing like a pack of adorable moppets prowling the city centre, offering chances at your upcoming prize draw for 50 p. They are simply irresistible to a certain clientele, especially when they’ve memorized their speech about how all contributions will go to build the new youth center, where children like them will receive homework help, athletic training, and encouragement to stay in school and stay off drugs.

It’s true that many children have short attention spans. If you have a number of them at your disposal, you’ll want to keep them motivated. Let them understand how important their work is. Be sure they know how they are helping, who they are helping, and how much you appreciate their help. And then, offer them a reward. Perhaps it’s a reward for the entire group, or for those who meet their sales quota, or only for your top sellers. Any way you arrange, be sure they understand what’s at stake.

Rewards need not set you back any more than a few quid. Most children will willingly work for:

  • A slice of pizza
  • Some ice cream
  • A couple song downloads
  • The chance to be part of a group
  • Small toys like collectible trading cards
  • Posters of pop stars or actors
  • Funky pencils
  • T-shirts

Or better yet, ask them what small prize would keep them on track!

If possible, ask for their input when choosing the design. Indeed, if you are not terribly computer literate, that tyke who’s always glued to the screen may be very helpful as you print your own Raffle Tickets online. However you can get them involved, do so.

If children are a part of your charity effort, include them and watch their influence help your organisation take flight!

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‘Tis the luck of the Irish

by ticketprinting on February 19, 2010

Spring is nearly upon us, and with the approaching vernal event, we can anticipate those harbingers of March: leprechauns and green beer. And nothing pairs with beer of any colour quite like Raffle Tickets! Whether or not you’re Irish, have access to a source of shamrocks, or enjoy corned beef, you can turn St. Patrick’s Day into a winning moment for your organisation.

Used alone or in conjunction with a big St. Patrick’s Day event, St. Patrick’s Day-themed Raffle Tickets are sure crowd-pleasers. Colourful green Raffle Tickets, or simple black and white printing, with shamrocks, harps, leprechauns, and more help instill an atmosphere of good will and good luck.

Use these tickets in small pub draws, at large parades, or for anything in between. Superior for office prize draws and for clubs, they help your group earn more money. Keep your theme in mind, and remember that drinking helps to loosen the purse strings. You may have a generous donor for your prize draw, but if not, think of small, appropriate prizes for the holiday:

  • Some volumes of James Joyce
  • A nice case of stout or lager
  • An IRFU jersey

Whatever you choose, be sure to accompany it with great fanfare, crowd-pleasing speeches about all the good work your organisation can do with the proceeds from the prize draw, and, of course, a tasty beverage.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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First Time?

by ticketprinting on January 29, 2010

Don’t worry. We’ll be gentle!

Ordering print products off the Internet shouldn’t be scary. In fact, I believe printing your own Raffle Tickets online should be fast, easy, and, thanks to a massive Internet design gallery, enjoyable! I love browsing the images, selecting those that best represent the event I am organising, and marking for later consideration those that might inspire me for future events.

Go ahead. Give it a whirl! Doesn’t that feel good? You don’t have to buy anything…unless you really want to! In that case, it’s simple. Pick a design, fill out the ticket template, choose your shipping method and address, enter your credit card information, and you’re done. UK Ticket Printing does the rest: creates a stack of lovely, customised Raffle Tickets for your upcoming prize draw and ships them out, usually within twenty-four hours! You can start selling sooner when you order online.

Am I going too fast for you? One brilliant aspect to purchasing your Raffle Tickets online is the complete lack of the hard sale. No shop girls will pester you to choose. There’s no pressure, no upselling, no commission. I think the design gallery simply speaks for itself. If you can’t find what you want online, you didn’t really want a Raffle Ticket to begin with.

So don’t be shy! If you’re interested, it’s OK to look. It’s OK to fill out a ticket template and generate your free Raffle Ticket proof. Make up some Upload your organisation’s logo or a photograph of your dog. Create as many proofs as you like. It costs nothing, and you can gain that experience you’ve been lacking. Soon you’ll be a regular pro.

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Pour Vous

by ticketprinting on January 22, 2010

Spring is still a long way off. In the absence of the sun’s warming presence, why not warm the cockles of your heart with a flowery show? Summon up the presence of warmer days with a floral-themed Raffle Ticket. Just print out a stack of Rose Raffle Tickets and your team can start selling flowers that never wilt and have no need of water. It’s the smart way to brighten those cold, dark days.

A Red or Yellow Rose Raffle Ticket is a clever set-up for a Valentine’s Day prize draw, but it also suits environmental organisations, florists, Mother’s Day events, tea and garden parties, or any celebration that anticipates the vernal equinox and the verdant growth that follows. Whenever you want to rejoice in all that is lovely in the world, consider the intricate beauty of the rose, reproduce in faithful, high-resolution colour.

With designs this lovely, you may find yourself planning a Festival of Roses simply for the pleasure of sharing these beautiful roses with your supporters! Even with frosty winds and snow in the air, warm flowery designs anticipate the coming thaw. Can’t you smell the sweetness?

If you’re prepared to start planning a prize draw for later in the year, think about printing your own Rose Raffle Tickets online. Look smashing in print, earn more money for your organisation, and start spreading the joy of the upcoming season!

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So Little?

by ticketprinting on January 15, 2010

You don’t have to settle for second best!

A roll of Raffle Tickets may be a good, last-minute option, but it lacks the pizazz of a brightly coloured Raffle Ticket with an original design. Some organisers never consider the latter option, however, because they believe the cost is too dear, far out of their fundraising budget. But, in fact, spectacular Raffle Tickets don’t have to be expensive. You can purchase cheap Raffle Tickets that are also splendid Raffle Tickets.

How much would you imagine you might pay if you wanted to print your own Raffle ticket? I’m referring, of course, to full-colour, full-size ticket, perforated, individually numbered, with barcodes, and personalised with your own event information. For a small run of tickets, the cost would run to approximately six pence per ticket. If you print your own Raffle Tickets in bulk, you could pay as little as three p.!

You needn’t compromise on quality. Not at all. You may choose a beautiful image, add all the details you wish to include, and even upload your own custom images for a completely unique Raffle Ticket, and you will find that your order does not break the bank. Cheap, wonderful Raffle Tickets for your upcoming prize draw. Imagine that!

If you’re holding a prize draw, money is probably an issue. You want to make more and spend less. Bright, bold, eye-catching designs are simply easier to sell. So lay out a little money and make a lot of money. Just watch those returns roll in.

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