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Custom Tickets

Creating Memorable Tickets

by ticketprinting on May 28, 2014

How do you want your guests to remember your event?

Do you want them to remember how much fun they had? How meaningful the cause is? Should they be looking forward to it next year? Should they tell all their friends about it?

Of course. And a big part of all of this lies in the ticket itself. Don’t look at the ticket as a necessity for your event planning. Look at it as a memento for the guest and an opportunity to build a relationship.

Many of us keep our old tickets and we’re reminded of the event when we come across them. So how do we make the most out of this small piece of card stock?

Choose Vibrant Wording. Action verbs stick with us. Dance, donate, appreciate, laugh, love, give … these are all strong words that remind the guest about the event and the cause.

Consider Colour. What colours do you associate with your cause? Is it a springtime event? Winter? Do you want your guests to feel a sense of peace? Action? Triumph? Try out different colours with small groups to see how they feel and react after seeing them.

Tell a Story. While they may attend your event one time, you want them to become consistent donors. When they find that ticket again, see to it that they look into your organisation again. Can you upload a custom image or logo? Did you include your website? Can one of our many templates tell your organisation’s story?

Of course you want to raise money during your event, but remember that tickets often last beyond the event. Keep these ideas in mind as you prepare for your next fundraiser.

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Changing Lives with a World Food Day Raffle

by ticketprinting on October 5, 2013

CAFOD’s World Food Day Raffle 2013

The official Catholic aid agency for England and Wales, CAFOD works with partners the world over in areas that have the greatest need to help bring compassion and unity to struggling communities. They stand side by side with poor communities to help end destitution and corruption. Though they are a Catholic organisation, CAFOD helps people of all denominations, including non-religious groups.

To raise money for the assistance of poor and struggling families, CAFOD is hosting a World Food Day Raffle. Those who support CAFOD and buy a raffle ticket will have the chance to win one of 48 incredible prizes.

There are many examples of how CAFOD can turn the donation you provide through buying a raffle ticket into help for underprivileged families. Here, we will touch on at least one example of the good work that CAFOD does.

A Personal Story

A woman in Ethiopia knows first-hand the difference your donation can make. Before the help of CAFOD (help provided through your generous donations), Belaynesh used to scrape by through the sale of firewood, however, her children would often go to bed hungry.

Through the generous support of CAFOD, she was able to buy a flock of chickens that she uses for both the sale of eggs and food to eat. Belaynesh is now saving up to for a new tin roof for her home that will allow her to collect rainwater, which will help her grow vegetables.

That’s just one story of how buying a raffle ticket for the CAFOD World Food Day Raffle can help struggling families.

The deadline for the purchasing a ticket is 9 October, so don’t wait! The draw takes place on 16 October, and first prize is 4,000 pounds, cash!

What is World Food Day?

Named by the UN General Assembly, World Food Day aims to strengthen public awareness about food issues that the world is facing, and it also strives to increase unity in the fight against hunger, malnutrition and world-wide poverty.

The theme this year is “Sustainable Food Systems for Food Security and Nutrition.”

We all, as individuals, have the power to help change our food systems. World Food Day calls on us to help make our world more sustainable by consuming nutritious food and reducing waste.

Let World Food Day feed your own raffle ideas! Plan an event that’s all about helping change our food issues for the better, locally, nationally, and globally.


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Image-ine the Possibilities

by ticketprinting on May 16, 2012

Upload Your Own Images to Create Fabulous Raffle Tickets

Which would you prefer to buy: drab raffle tickets that are a bore to look at, or colourful, unique raffle tickets that include logos or pictures? It’s not hard to answer that question, because human nature prefers that which is appealing to the eye.

Put yourself in the average ticket buyer’s shoes. You can’t quite expect everyone to instantly want to buy your raffle tickets just because you’re selling them. You shouldn’t even expect them to buy simply because the cause you’re supporting is important (which it surely is), or even because your prizes are desirable (which they ought to be).

Expect the Unexpected

What you can expect from raffle ticket buyers isn’t rocket science. It’s simple, really. Ticket buyers want the most for their money. The best deal they can get.

So give them what they truly want. Print raffle tickets that are so attractive, even the losing tickets won’t end up in the bin. If you add the right pictures and colours to the mix, your tickets will serve as keepsakes.

Logos and Pictures are Lovely

Have you a fantastic sponsor? A grand prize that’s just to die for? Well, you’re in luck, because you can upload your very own image right onto a raffle ticket templates. Every ticket is printed full colour and full bleed, which is sure to brighten even the dingiest of days.

Combine the best of your efforts. Print beautiful, reasonably priced, high quality raffle tickets, and upload any image that you like. The best part: do it all online, with the ease of a few clicks!

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

Don’t be a bother trying to come up with new ideas for which images to upload onto your raffle tickets. One of the primary reasons people will be buying your tickets is to win a prize. Take advantage of this fact. Upload a clear snapshot of the most coveted prize right onto your raffle ticket.

If your head sponsor is popular with the masses, be clever. Upload their logo onto your raffle ticket, and ride on their coattails for a bit (at least until you get the word out there). Once you’ve spread the word to a few people, especially if there’s a big time, well-known sponsor backing your raffle, they will tell their mates, their mates will tell their mates, and you’ll be off to a roaring start.

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On the Printing of Tickets

by ticketprinting on July 25, 2010

When you purchase customised Raffle Tickets, you expect high-resolution printing.

At home, you might spend fifty pounds on a toner cartridge so your child can print out full-colour images of his favourite cartoon character or holiday snaps of the friends she made over the summer. Perhaps you remember the daisy wheels and dot matrices of the past, but today’s printers need to be fast and sharp or they end up in the rubbish, just another jumble of plastic and electronics that’s outlived its usefulness. And if that’s why you expect from your home printer, how much more ought to be accomplished by a professional quality machine?

Your Raffle Tickets, professionally printed, should look even better than anything you can print at home, providing your prize draw with that air of perfection you want to bring to all your endeavors. Sharp lines, bright colours, glossy finish. These tickets are the emissaries of your organisation. No matter what you’re raffling off, or what text and images you’ve employed, the printing on your Raffle Tickets should be all business.

And under the printing, the paper on which your tickets are printed ought to be all business, too. Never thought much of paper? We measure papers grams per square meter, or gsm. Your standard paper, the paper stocked in your office, used in most office applications is between 75 gsm and 120 gsm, whereas your durable business cards are most likely 175 gsm. When you print your Raffle Tickets, you should expect coloured card stock to weight in at 175 gsm, with 165 gsm for white card stock.

Smooth matte finish or semi-gloss? It’s your choice. Either way, when you choose professionally printed Raffle Tickets, they should look as if they’ve been printed by professionals. Read your printer’s website and find out what you’re about to receive.

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Why I Print My Own

by ticketprinting on December 12, 2009

Customised Raffle Tickets

They proudly announce your name and mission in bold colours. They help you sell more with brilliant design. They keep your prize draw safe. What’s so wonderful about printing your own Raffle Tickets? Everything.

  • Appropriate Design: Print your own Raffle Tickets and find a beautiful image that perfectly suits your group and your message, while attracting attention for its own loveliness.
  • Customised Text: Printing your own allows you to add you organisation’s name, your event name, your tagline, and even your sponsor’s name, so your message really comes across.
  • Advanced Security: With individual numbering beginning wherever you choose, along with watermarks, security barcodes, and more, you can prevent ticket fraud and keep your prize draw safe.
  • Fast Delivery: Order your tickets now and they will be shipped to you in a matter of days. No need to brave the crowds. Pick up your tickets on your own doorstep!

Printing your own Raffle Tickets online ensures that you receive exactly what you want. Use your own ideas and come out ahead. Sell more Raffle Tickets and make more money for your organisation. That’s why I print my own.

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by ticketprinting on December 7, 2009

It’s a beloved tradition around the world. I refer, of course, to the meat raffle or meat draw! What could be better than taking a chance with a few quid, preparing for the possibility of winning a lovely roast or some chops from the local butcher? There can be no more delicious way to liven up a slow night down at the pub. When a kindly gent approaches you with a handful of Raffle Tickets, it’s hard to resist.

While not widespread in the States, bars in the American state of Minnesota are also familiar with this tradition. It seems nothing heats up a frigid night in that region than the excitement of a prize draw. For most of the year, they need not even worry about the meat going off while they continue drinking. Simply popping their cuts into the boot keeps them even colder than an icebox!

In New Zealand and Australia, such raffles are also known as “the meat tray.” As the name implies, these prize draws usually offer a tray of meats. Perhaps it will contain meat suitable for the barbecue, but more often, the trays are breakfast trays (with sausage, bacon, and eggs) or seafood trays. Care must be taken in these climates to keep the seafood trays fresh and cold!

In any event, Raffle Tickets are sold, the atmosphere in the pub remains jovial, and the charity hosting the prize draw benefits. Everyone goes home happy. Meat raffles are a simple way to make a few pounds in a short period of time, while brightening the day of everyone in the pub. Looking for a new fundraising opportunity? Try some meat?

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